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“Yachad Fund – a social initiative for generations” is a registered non-profit organization

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True Hesed – loving-kindness As stated, the goal of the fund is to enable and assist orphans to establish their adult lives with a balanced financial situation. Therefore, at least NIS 50,000 for each eligible orphan will be raised, with an option of supplementing up to NIS 150,000 for each orphan. The fund does not collect a fixed monthly charge, and therefore will not collect money from members for charity in a case where the family of the orphan can, thank G-d, provide the children with financial security even without supplementary assistance from the fund.

* Eligibility is for single orphans up to the age of 30, married under the age of 30 and up to two years from the date of their marriage are entitled to partial support.


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What is a Yachad Fund?

A project of kindness that meets the economic hardship faced by a family whose one of the parents died prematurely. The fund has a wide range of families who together, with a small and calculated effort, provide financial security to a family that has experienced a disaster. one for all and all for one.

There is no fixed monthly payment

Only in the event of death, the fund will collect from each member a payment as needed that month – up to NIS 64.

True Hesed (loving-kindness)

The collection funds and any accumulated profits will be used exclusively by the orphaned families

Quiet collection

Reducing the phenomenon of “public appeals” after tragedies and maintaining the privacy and dignity of families

Q & A

In the case of the passing of a parent, basic life insurance policies do not always provide sufficient funds for each child to start their adult life with appropriate financial stability

In any case, the collection amount will not exceed NIS 64 per month

In the event of a death, a fund will be opened for each of the family’s unmarried children under 30. (The committee may decide, if there is a special need, to open a fund also for a child who marries within two years prior to the passing).

Absolutely. A couple without children or whose children are already grown can connect to the fund, as an act of Hesed, loving-kindness

In the event of a death, a fund will be opened for each of the family’s unmarried children under 30. (The committee may decide, if there is a special need, to open a fund also for a child who marries within two years prior to the passing).

Yes, so that his or her future children will be included in the fund.

After the committee’s decision regarding the amount allocated to each orphan, an account will be created for each orphan and the funds will be deposited there. Any profit generated by this fund is for the benefit of the orphan only. There is a possibility of using the orphan’s funds, for the benefit of the orphan, during the period, in a limited amount and subject to the approval of the Yachad Fund. This enables orderly oversight and correct use of the funds collected for the family, to make sure that these funds will benefit the orphan and ensure the orphan’s financial future. When the orphan marries, the remaining amount in the fund will be at the orphan’s disposal, and he or she will be able to use it according to his or her own consideration

The number of members is not limited. As more families join, the burden on the families of the subscribers in the event of a tragedy will be smaller, and more families will be financially protected in the event of the death of one of the parents.

A grandparent can register the families of his or her married children, but a paid subscription must be created for each family separately.

We provide full transparency – the number of members is updated on the fund’s

How It Works?

Yachad Fund Fund together - builds a financial security network of families who give together, within Shortly after the death with minimal and calculated effort, long-term financial support for the orphaned family.


In the event that a disaster occurs, and one of the parents from among the families enrolled in the fund passes away, the family members usually contact the fund’s management.


After the days of Shabbat, in coordination with the family, the representatives of the fund meet with the family, conduct a financial examination with the aim of specifying the amount that the family will receive up to 150,000 NIS for each orphan.


After the foundation committee approves the recommendation of the foundation representatives who met with the family, we collect a one-time collection from all members of the foundation according to the required amount, in any case the collection will not be more than 64 NIS per month


The funds are deposited in bank accounts in the names of the orphans, and invested in investment channels recommended by the fund’s investment committee until the redemption date.

The money will be transferred to the family’s children for higher studies/wedding or when they reach 30 years of age.

The Foundation's Executive Committee

Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon

Alon Shvut

Rabbi Hillel Horowitz

Founder and Chairman of the Fund

Ariel Ben David


Audrey Layman

Ramat Gan

Mr. Avi Shenor


Alon Vulcan

Givat Shmuel

Nega Rahmani

Bnei Brak

Tahila Zimmer


Evyatar Gershuni


Accountant Avner Shazipi

Internal Auditor

Hagai Goldberg & Co.


Lawyer Yitzhak Miron

Legal Counsel

The activity of the members of the executive committee, the legal advisor and the accountant in the fund is on a voluntary basis. In order to enable the fund to operate properly, the fund employs a limited number of paid activists, according to its needs.

All together

responsible for one another

A charity project that responds to the economic hardship faced by children whose parents have died prematurely. The foundation builds a broad community of families