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    Respectful collections of funds
    Reducing the number of “appeals” launched after tragedies, ensuring privacy and respect More information

    True kindness
    All collections and income will be used only for the benefit of orphaned families More information

    No monthly payments
    Only in the event of a tragedy will 10 shekels be collected that month for each orphan More information


“Keren Yachad – A forward-thinking social initiative” is a registered foundation. The chair of the fund’s board is Rabbi Hillel Horowitz (Hevron), and the members of the board of advisors are Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon (Alon-Shvut), Mrs. Audrey Layman (Ramat Gan), Mr. Alon Wulkan (Giv’at Shmuel) and Mr. Ariel Ben-David (Psagot).

The members of the advisory board work on a voluntary basis.
In order to ensure the proper operation of the fund, a limited number of paid workers will be employed where required.

Legal advisor:
Adv. Yitzchak Miron – Tel Aviv

Accountant: Hagai Goldberg and Partners – Jerusalem

The operations of the fund are guided by a community council, headed by Rabbi Yaakov Ariel Shlit”a, the Chief Rabbi of the city of Ramat Gan.
The council members are:

Mr. Avi Schnur - Savyon
Prof. Amnon Shapira - HaKibbutz HaDati, Ariel University
Prof. Asher Cohen, Bar Ilan University
Rabbi Ben-Zion Algazi - Head of Tzurba-Merabanan
Rabbi Baruch Gigi, - Yeshivat Har Etzion
Mr. Gabi Chamo - Ramat HaGolan
Rabbi Chaim Adeles - Tel Aviv
Rabbi Chaim Gantz - Yeshivat Maale Eliyahu, Tel Aviv
Mr. Chaim Yaroslavitch - Chalutza, Gush Katif
Dr. Yigal Ben Shalom - Former Bituach Leumi CEO
Rabbi Avi Giser - Ofra, Head of the Council for Religious Education in Ministry of Education
Dr. Yehoshua Rozensweig - Bar Ilan University
Rabbi Yehoshua Shapira - Yeshivat Ramat Gan
Prof. Yafa Zilbershitz - Bar Ilan University
Rabbi Yitzchak Levy - Kfar Maimon, Former Education Minister
Rabbi Yitzchak Neria - Yeshivat Torah Mitzion, Jerusalem
Mr. Noga Rachmani – Former head of Bituach Ayalon
Mr. Zvi Zvibal – Mifalot HaTzionut HaDatit
Mr. Ram Blinkov - Formerly in charge of budgets in the treasury
Rabbanit Shulamit Melamed – Arutz7, Beit El
Retired Judge Sarah Frish - Petach Tikva
Rabbanit Zvia Eliahu – Jerusalem


Is the membership for an individual or for a family?
One membership to Keren Yachad covers the whole family.

The family membership – until what age is it valid for?
In the case of a tragedy Keren Yachad will open a fund for each child in the family who is not married and is under the age of 30 (In special circumstances, the board can decide to open a fund for a child who married in the two years prior to the passing of the parent.)

Can couples without children, or with children above the age of 30, join the fund?
They certainly can. Their joining would be an act of kindness and giving.

If a child of a member family gets married, does he now need to join the fund himself in order to have coverage for his children?

Can grandparents take out a membership that includes all of their descendants?
They can register their married children’s families, but they must take out a separate membership for each family.

How many families can join the fund?
There is no limit to the number of families that can join. As more families join, the burden on member families in the case of a tragedy will decrease and more families will become financially protected in the case of the passing of a parent.

Does the fund assist in cases where a parent requires nursing support?
The fund is only activated upon a parent’s passing.

How can I found out how many families have joined the fund?
The fund operate with full transparency. The number of members on the fund’s website is always up to date.

Can I find out who the members of the fund are?
Names will not be published for privacy reasons.

I am not religious. Can I join?
Certainly. The fund is open to all.

Does the state not care for children whose parent has passed away?
The state only helps those whose parent has been killed in a terror attack or as a soldier in the IDF. The fund may also help in these cases, after proper checks have been carried out, in order to help the children become independent and properly establish their future home.

Why not just take out life insurance?
In the case of the passing of a parent, basic life insurance policies do not always provide sufficient funds for each child to start their adult life with appropriate financial stability. In cases where life insurance payments are received, the fund will supplement, where required, the requisite amount for each child.
Additionally, it is worth noting that many families struggle to make life insurance payments and therefore choose to reduce their policies. This lowers their premiums, but also significantly diminishes their potential payout.
It is important to emphasis that the fund doesn’t operate like a life insurance company that charges monthly payments based on actuarial calculations that include profit considerations. Keren Yachad only collects funds in the case of the passing of one of its members. Other than the minimal costs involved in setting up the family’s fund and initial guidance, all monies collected are set aside solely for the orphans’ use.
To be clear, it is not the intention of the fund to encourage ceasing life insurance payments.

How does the money collection work?
During the registration process, every member signs an agreement, allowing payments to be collected either directly from their bank account (“Hora’at Keva”) or via credit card. If in any particular month, no tragedy occurs, thank G-d, no payments are collected. In the case of the passing of a member, the amount required for the children, according to the terms of the fund, will be collected. No more than 60 shekels will be collected for this purpose from each member in any particular month, plus up to 4 shekels for assisting in support and collection costs. If more than 60 shekels will be required in any particular month, the amount will be split and spread over several months.

Does every orphaned family automatically receive money from the fund?
As stated, the goal of the fund is to enable and assist orphans to establish their adult lives with a balanced financial situation. Therefore, every member family will receive 50,000₪ for every orphan. In addition, if the family is not able to provide a significant amount of money towards each orphan’s adult life, the fund (once it has reached 15,000 members) will ensure that each orphan is provided with a total of 150,000₪ by making up the difference.
The fund does not collect monthly payments and therefore will not collect money from members for tzedaka (charity) in a case where the family of the orphan can, thank G-d, provide the children with financial security even without supplementary assistance from the fund.

Is membership of the fund recognized as “maaser” (halachic charity tithing)?
Yes, according to the halachic decision of the fund’s Rabbis.

How can I ensure that if, G-d forbid, something happens in my family, my family members will know that I am a member of the fund, without my having to tell them while I am still alive?
It can be a positive thing for family members to know about the membership and for children to know that the family is participating in a venture of kindness and charity. Each family will receive a membership certificate, testifying to its participation in Keren Yachad.
If a member does not wish to tell their family about the membership, they can leave the certificate in a noticeable place amongst their important documents. If a tragedy occurs, the certificate will likely be discovered quickly.
Nevertheless, when the fund’s management becomes aware of the passing of a member, they will of course quickly make contact with the family members.

How long does it take for the family to receive the money?
As soon as the fund learns of the tragedy, representatives of the fund will meet with the family. They will conduct a review of the family's financial situation (which can take several weeks), after which monies will be collected from the members of the fund. These monies are transferred to the family's account, managed by Keren Yachad.

Do members receive a report concerning the tragedy that funds were collected for?
A message containing partial information about the case (whilst ensuring privacy is maintained), together with a report on the amount of money that was collected, will be e-mailed to members after every collection.

How is the final amount that the family receives determined?
Beyond the 50,000₪ that is provided to each eligible orphan, an assessment will be conducted by a representative of the fund as to the ability of the family to ensure that each orphan can receive 150,000₪ in order to start his or her adult life with financial stability. If there is a gap, the fund will provide the difference, up to a total of 150,000₪ for each orphan. The sum will be made available to the orphan at the time of their marriage, less any amounts that were transferred to the orphan over the years for essential needs (by decision of the fund).

How does the money reach the family?
In the event of the passing of a parent, the management of the fund will send a financial advisor to meet with the family to help determine the family’s financial situation. A collection for the family will then be carried out in accordance with both the advisor’s findings and an assessment by the authorized representatives of the fund.
The sum will be deposited into an account that will be opened for the sake of the family. Signature rights will remain with representatives of the funds into order to ensure proper oversight. In order to verify that the funds are saved for the orphans for when they grow up, they will be managed in a conservative manner, in accordance with the Administrator General’s guidelines.
All profits generated from the funds will be used solely for the orphan’s benefit. When the orphan gets married, the funds will be made available to him for whatever purpose he sees fit.