How It Works?

How It Works?

Yachad Fund - builds a very broad network of families who together provide, within a short time after the death, long-term financial support to the orphaned family, with minimal and calculated effort


In the event that a disaster occurs, and one of the parents from among the families enrolled in the fund dies, usually the family members contact the fund’s management, whenever the foundation’s management hears about death cases, it initiates contact with the family and informs them while consoling them about their membership in the foundation.


After the days of the Shiva, in coordination with the family, the representatives of the fund meet with the family, conduct a financial examination with the aim of specifying the amount the family will receive up to NIS 150,000 for each orphan.


After the foundation committee approves the recommendation of the foundation representatives who met with the family, we collect a one-time collection from all members of the foundation according to the required amount, in any case the collection will not be more than 64 NIS per month which includes a 4 NIS commission for the ongoing management and operation of the fund. (In the 8 years of the fund’s activity, the monthly average reached about NIS 40)


The funds are deposited in bank accounts in the names of the orphans, and invested in investment channels recommended by the fund’s investment committee until the redemption date.

The money will be transferred to the family’s children for higher studies/wedding or when they reach 30 years of age.

What is Yachad Fund?

A charity project that responds to the economic hardship faced by children whose parents have died prematurely. The fund builds a broad community of families who together, with a small and calculated effort, provide financial security to the orphaned family. one for all and all for one.

There is no fixed monthly payment

Only in the event of death, the fund will collect from each member a payment as needed that month – up to NIS 64.

True Chesed 

The collection funds and any accumulated profits will be used exclusively by the orphaned families and will be given after the approval of the rabbis and after a thorough examination.

Silent collection

The fund’s method of operation is reducing the phenomenon of “public appeals” after tragedies and maintaining the privacy and dignity of families

All together

responsible for one another

A charity project that responds to the economic hardship faced by children whose parents have died prematurely. The foundation builds a broad community of families

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