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In case of death, the basic life insurances
An amount sufficient for each and every child to start life with appropriate financial help is not always granted.
The fund also helps, as needed, families who have taken out life insurance, in order to supplement the amount required for each child. In addition, you should know that quite a few families find it very difficult to pay the amounts required for life insurance, so they reduce the monthly insurance payment and this greatly reduce the amount they will receive from the insurance in the event of a disaster.

It is important to emphasize that the fund does not operate in the format of an insurance company that collects monthly insurance premiums based on various actuarial calculations, which include, among other things, the insurance company’s profits after covering its expenses.

The Yachad Fundation collects funds from its members only in the event of the death of one of its members, with the entire amount collected being intended for orphans, plus minimal costs for handling the establishment of the fund for the family and its initial support.

For the avoidance of doubt, the fund does not intend to
Encourage the cessation of life insurance payments.

In any case, the collection amount will not exceed NIS 64 per month.

The subscription for the Yachad fund is a family subscription.

The fund is absolutely suitable. A couple without children or whose children are already grown can connect to the fund, as a charitable donation.

The number of members is not limited. As more families join, the burden on the families of the subscribers in the event of a disaster will be smaller, and more families will be financially protected in the event of the death of one of the parents.

Grandparents can register the families of their married children, but they must make a paid subscription for each family separately.

Full transparency – the number of members is updated on the fund’s website at any time.

Each subscriber, as part of the registration and joining the fund, signs in advance an agreement to collect the payment from him by one of the means of payment – bank direct debit or credit card. It is important to emphasize that joint fund subscribers do not pay a fixed monthly payment. That is, if no disaster happened that month, God bless, they don’t pay anything. In the event of the death of one of the subscribers, a certain amount will be charged, as needed and in accordance with the rules of the regulations, and in any case the payment will not exceed 60 NIS for one month, and another 4 NIS at the most for participation in the expenses of escorting and treating the family. If more than NIS 60 is needed in a certain month, the payment will be divided and spread over several months.

The representatives of the fund will recommend to the advisory committee after a meeting with the family, which includes an examination of its financial situation, the amount that the fund will grant to the family’s orphans.

The amount that the foundation will grant to each orphan is between 50,000 NIS and 150,000 NIS for each orphan in the family.

If a meeting with the representatives of the fund reveals that the family has financial capabilities, the maximum grant will be reduced to a minimum of NIS 50,000 per orphan.

Yes, according to the ruling of the Rabbis of the Foundation.

With each collection, a message will be sent to all the members in which some of the details of the case will be given, taking into account the personal privacy, along with a report on the amount collected from the members of the fund.

In any case, the collection amount will not exceed NIS 64 per month. If, God forbid, an amount exceeding this amount is required for a death case (due to a large number of orphans, or a number of deaths in one month), the balance of the amount required for collection will be transferred to the following months.

(Average monthly collection between the years 2014-2022 is about 40 NIS)

In the event of a disaster, a fund will be opened for all the children of the family who are not married and under the age of 30 (if there is a special need, the committee may decide to open a fund also for a child who marries within two years of the death).

Yes. So that his future children will be included in the fund.

The fund operates only in the event of death.

Of course, full transparency – the number of members and the amounts collected and given to orphans is updated on the fund’s website at any time. Along with this, we maintain the privacy of families who received the fund’s support.

Sure. The foundation is open to the general public.

The state cares, but only in cases of victims of terrorism and orphans of the IDF. Even in these cases, the fund may partially assist after an examination, to give the children help to get out in life and establish their home in a proper way.

It is good that the family members knew about the membership in the fund, that the children knew that the family is participating in an enterprise of kindness and charity. Each family receives an honorable membership certificate that indicates their partnership in the Yachad fundation. Those who prefer not to tell their family about the membership can place the certificate in a prominent place among their documents, and if a disaster happens, it will surely be revealed in a short time. However, of course, as soon as the foundation’s management hears about the death of one of its members, it contacts the family members as soon as possible.

As soon as the case becomes known, the representatives of the fund will meet with the family, and after the examination of the family’s financial situation (which may take several weeks), a collection will be made from the members of the fund. The money will then be transferred to the family account managed by the fund.

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